Commissions & Prints

If you're wondering what the HMB stands for in HMB Illustration, it's Hairy Man Beast, an old yet juvenile Instagram moniker that has overstayed its welcome. Please call me Dean, as do my friends (both real and imaginary).

I'm a mixed-media illustrator, working in pencil, ink and paints. I'm also exploring digital illustration and techniques.

I was born in Manchester and have spent the the best part of the past decade living in the Peak District. I do mostly commissioned work, as this is where I derive the greatest pleasure, although I do work commercially from time to time.

In my free time I'm a father, lover, husband, musical instrument player, casual gamer, manga enthusiast, science fan, feral loner and autism ambassador.

Here are some examples of my work. Please contact me for more information or simply enjoy the galleries.

Examples of My Work

I'm open to all ideas regarding commissions. No idea is too big, small, outrageously wacky or dark. I have created commissions for over one hundred individual clients and have a strong client-centric ethic to my work. I like my customers to be involved as much or as little as they want in creating something beautiful that they or their loved one will cherish for the rest of their lives. To date, my commissions have fallen into three main categories:

  • People - Portraits of friends or loved ones.

  • Pets - Pictures of pets and other animals.

  • Pop - Pop art for today's pop culture.

If your idea doesn't fall within these categories, try me anyway. I like a challenge.

While I work mainly on a commission basis, I love to create my own original pieces as well. They range in style, shape, theme and fancy. I genuinely draw whatever I imagine and feel like at any given moment. I call them 'my musings' and I turn them into prints for your pleasure and for mine.


Portraits of loved ones, friends.

Pet Pictures

Pictures of pets & other animals.

Pop art for today's pop culture.

Original works - my musings.

Buy My Work

I aim to keep the prices of my artwork as low as possible. When I was growing up I remember wanting beautiful illustrations on my wall and not being able to afford them. Art should be for everyone so I strive to offer my work at reasonable prices ... but a man has to eat.

All my works will be made available through Etsy, or buy directly from me at a small discount.